NAMM 2014



Checking in from NAMM 2014

Posted by Ken Snyder

January rolled around so that means time for the annual NAMM Convention in Anaheim.  Nothing better for an obsessed musician than to go to NAMM and see all the cool things I still don't own!   It's probably a good thing that most of the vendors aren't actually selling at the show, only showing you the newest toys.  At least I can escape without going into debt with more gear purchases.  I definitely can never have enough gear, though I am sure others might disagree.  I did manage to pick up a few guitar knobs that will find a home soon enough.


I have to admit though I miss the older days when there were more performers at the booths.  I remember running to one booth to see Tony MacAlpine performing, then running to another to catch Paul Gilbert or Blues Saraceno.  Getting all the show times was critical to coordinate the plan of attack.  Funny now that we have the NAMM iPhone App I don't have to worry about this anymore.  Now all we get are guys autographing stuff.  Nothing against that but I really don't think I need their autograph, just not my thing.  I did get Dimebag's autograph one year and that one is framed at home.  


One great thing about NAMM is catching up with old friends.  This year managed to get a photo with my former bandmates in Slugfest, which morphed into Cut Throat, which is the banner photo.  Still friends after all these years.  Also ran into Bernie Williams so I had to get that photo as well.  Other highlights included the Amptweaker booth...James Brown is making some great pedals, will definitely have to try some out.  Of course I always look forward to catching up with Paul Rivera and Paul Rivera Jr.  Awesome guys that make great amps, not to mention the Silent Sister.  

Standing in front of the Jimi Hendrix display in front of Fender.