Photoshoot - Finally some new photos

Posted by Ken Snyder

Long overdue for new photos, finally found time to schedule a photo shoot. Something all musicians must endure, but only singers seem to enjoy.  I can only say I should have done this earlier!


As I was preparing to work on the new web site, it became increasingly clear that I was in need of some new photos.  That really only meant one guy, the great Ernie Manrique.  I've known Ernie for a long time and he even took the photos from the last Cut Throat reunion show.  Those came out great so I figured if he could do that at a show, I could only imagine the photos would be better shot at his studio, and I couldn't have been happier with the results.


Of course heading into the photo shoot things weren't looking too good.  After dodging the flu for sometime, it was catching up with me.  Even crazier was that when I got to the shoot, Ernie too was feeling under the weather, so I would say we both had some reservations going into it.  But we soldiered on and the results were great.  I have to think Saxon blaring in the background certainly helped.  Note to more Saxon!!!