Boudreaux Album coming soon




Posted by Ken Snyder

Way back in 1993 I was in a band called Boudreaux, named after the lead singer in the band.  This was just after Rokkin Horse had disbanded.  I received a call from the lead singer inquiring if I was interested in coming down, meeting the band and seeing how it went.  It only took one rehearsal to know this was a good fit.  We proceeded to record an album late 1993 through early 1994, only interupted by the Northridge quake.  The album was finished but the band only survived a single show before the band split up.  You may recognize a few faces in the photo, including future Cut Throat members Darwin Devitis and Ramsay Bisharah.  The album is being put out by Metalic Blue Records and you can view it here, along with some samples.