NAMM 2020



Winter NAMM 2020

Posted by Ken Snyder

It's January so that means another trip to Anaheim for the annual NAMM convention.  I always find a few things that interest me no matter how much gear I own.  One of those was the Charvel DK24-7 guitar.  Though most of my guitars are custom built, my sevens are not.  I really loved the feel of this 7 string as the neck is very similar to the necks I play on my 6s.  I have to admit I don't love the gold hardware so if I get one, I'll have to swap that out.  Still it is a well made guitar one I'll have to give serious consideration to in the future.  I also managed to try out the Boss SYS-1000, as well as both the Mezzabarba Amps and the new Bogner Ecstasy.  Still tough to replace my Rivera and Boogie Amps.  Speaking of Rivera it was great seeing Paul Jr & Sr at the Rivera booth.  

Rex Roller

I was also fun hanging out with the other members of Rex Roller, though the irony is none of us really play Ibanez guitars in the band.  Unless of course they want to send us an endorsement we'll be happy to reconsider.